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The changes on the old Woodhead platforms at Penistone - 6651+53+54+55+57+59

The changes on the old Woodhead platforms at Penistone - 6651+53+54+55+57+59
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The Nitty Gritty. Have been thinking for a long while that the best use for the old Woodhead platform area, on the south-west side at Penistone Station, would be to open it up and use it as a quiet nature area, with seating and the option of staring and mulling, looking maybe at the ghosts of EM1 locos hauling 1000 tonne coal trains to the west, from the coal yards of South Yorkshire. Now it appears, that someone has taken the initiative, the fence along the far south-western edge of the station platform is down and the area beyond, between the Woodhead lines, seen in the top left picture, as a walking track and the main station building on the Huddersfield line, is now open; whether this is 'official' or not, it looked very welcome. Works has been undertaken in the clearance of the area, and the foliage piled up to act as habitat for the local wildlife. This 1st picture in the set of six at top left shown the view looking south-east towards Huddersfield and beyond, to Barnsley Junction. The station buildings on the left are along the still operational Huddersfield line from Barnsley, but all else, of course, has been removed. The main platforms for the passenger lines going up to Woodhead were between the path on the right and the main station building on the left, the 'taken down fence' lying along one of the platform edges on the south-east side and beyond, the main platform with frontages on the Huddersfield line side and opposite, on the Woodhead side. The extent of the railway formation is obvious from these 6 pictures, spanning a 'Y' shaped section with the right arm of the 'Y' on the Huddersfield side and the left arm on the Woodhead side with Huddersfield Junction at the junction in the middle of the 'Y'. The second from left picture shows the view along the main platform edges, these carrying the passenger traffic whilst the 'back road' on the right carried through workings of whatever sort, mainly coal traffic. The Penistone Woodhead Electric Control Centre, a 20's looking design of a building is still there and now used by 'Lavender International', experts in non-destructive testing, is behind the camera on the left. At top right, a juxtaposition of two artifacts, in the foreground a large cast-iron pipe base of some sort or function, toilets maybe... and behind it, having been left to its own way for 30 years, the cut-off base of a large tree; now they have all been removed, just at as the Woodhead Line was in 1981 and during the ensuing 2 or 3 years... At lower left, a view looking towards Huddersfield Junction and its once large, elevated signalbox with the Huddersfield line curving off to the left through the station and the TPT slightly curving to the right, on the right, as it takes the route through Oxspring, Thurgoland, Wortley, Deepcar and Oughtibridge to have once ended up passing through Sheffield Victoria Station; 'the trees were taller when we were young'... At lower centre, now looking along the platform face where the still extant station building does business in private hands, a pine furniture restorer and other worthy trades have taken over with small yards 'out the back' along the old platform. Finally, at lower right, a close up of what is happening along the platforms, with habitat formed from the cut down materials and, I have to say, all this needs now is a few benches for quiet contemplation and observation of the local fauna, its turning into what it should have been for a few years now, a reserve, made out of something which was once very grand indeed.If any of the folk involved are reading this, much success to you all and well done on a great effort...
Date: 2018-04-12 20:36:41

Penistone M.S.L.R. Manchester Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway L.N.E.R. London & North Eastern Railway L.M.S.R. London Midland & Scottish Railway Northern Rail Class 144 144015 2B43 Huddersfield to Sheffield 144020 2B46 Sheffield to Huddersfield Penistone Viaduct Scout Dike Reservoir Royd Moor Reservoir Peak National Park Westhorpe Tunnel Denby Dale Woodhead OHL Huddersfield Junction Barnsley Junction Emley Moor TV transmitter Barnsley PSB Signal BY1040 Signal BY1045 Signal BY1046 Signal BY1051 Signal BY1050 Signal BY1053 Cammel Laird Steelworks Yorkshire Steel & Iron Works Blackmoor Crossing Arqiva Tower Lavender International Oxspring Thurgoland Wortley Deepcar Oughtibridge Sheffield Victoria Station National Supergrid

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